Friday, July 18, 2008

Softball Game Ouchie

Last night my softball (Davis' Evil Twin) played Davis' Red Head Step Child. (Don't ask about the names -- all my friends work at Davis Partnership Architects, and there are 3 different Davis teams on the league. OK I guess I just explained it!)

We were gearing up for our first big win, with hope sparkling in our eyes -- which every member of the team smeared eye black underneath for good luck. Boy, did we look intimidating!

The game was a close one -- we were in the lead for a while. But the Step Childs ended up taking over in the end, and winning the game. So sad! But I'm still hopeful.

We definitely made some awesome plays though --- such as Wade's ground ball to first that turned into a home run hit due to numerous ball fumbles! And Geneva & Katy's kick-ass double play -- Katy on first getting that out, then throwing to Geneva as catcher where she practically tackled Kara at home base getting another out! It was so exciting. I even caught an in field line drive, which I quickly celebrated with a victory booty shake.

A couple of injuries this time as well.... Kara made a great dive to block a ground ball, but it decided to pop up at the last minute and bitch slap her right in the face! She's OK though -- just a swollen lip and a little bit of blood. Of course the next inning she was tackled by Geneva at home (see "awesome play" above) -- but that's what playing hard is all about! I got a good raspberry of a skinned knee too while sliding into 3rd. Apparently it wasn't necissary though, since nobody was even throwing the ball that way to tag me out! But hot damn, did it look good. I ruined my favorite pair of workout pants in the process, but again... playing hard!

So that's the lovely little synopsis of my softball game from last night. It was quite a game, lots of fun, and a little painful (for some) -- but a blast nonetheless.

Wish us luck for our first big win next Thursday!! :)

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