Friday, January 6, 2012

Yay! Life is good!

I've been working hard the last 10 days to really get on eating right, and making good choices with food.  Eating a little less, choosing tea over coffee, etc - just making those little changes that make big differences.  I did get sick just after the new year, and I'm only now starting to feel better so I haven't been doing any workouts in order to recover.  However it looks as though my body has been responding to the little changes!! 

My tummy pooch is starting to shrink, and I'm already feeling lighter.  I had to weigh myself this morning, and even though I really don't want base it on a number, I had to at least check.  I'm down 6 POUNDS!!  WOOHOO!!  That felt great, and gave me an extra boost of motivation to keep me going!

On top of that, the past 2 days of my Spending Fast have been fantastic.  I went to dinner at a friend's place last night, and so far not a dime has been spent for anything at all.  It's a little victory since I still have 364 days to go, but it's a start!  This weekend will be harder (weekends are ALWAYS harder to avoid spending), but I'm ready for it!


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