Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My own beautiful breakfast (and the Joy of Books!)

This morning it was snowy and cold here in Denver, but somehow Stacey & I managed to get up and go for a jog!  It was actually so beautiful and quiet out at 6am - the snow was falling in big fat flakes, and there was no one around.  It was so peaceful!  We tried out our Yak Trax for the first time (the little strappy things you put over your shoes so that you don't slip), and they worked amazingly.  I guess now we have no excuse to miss running when it's snowing now huh?  Haha! 

After being inspired by the photographs from yesterday, I snapped some pictures of my breakfast this morning.  I had oatmeal with almond milk, blueberries, and a little bit of honey (and a sprinkling of coconut).  And of course a cup of steaming hot green tea!

I made the mistake of putting a little bit of blackstrap molasses on top of my oatmeal too, and spent some time trying to scoop it off.  Not the best taste in the world, but it's a great source of iron.  It tasted pretty awful on my oatmeal though!

This is the snow we woke up to this morning!  Yesterday it had to have been about 60 degrees, and now it's a winter wonderland!  That's what it's like living in Colorado, that's for sure.  It's supposed to warm up again by this weekend, so I'm hoping that the snow will be melted so that I can go outside & skate around!  Ha!

And check it out!! I even had time to work on some Sudoku puzzles this morning.  I realized that I already had lunch from yesterday at work (my dad took me out for a salad instead), so I had some time to myself.  Pretty rad!  

I remembered I got some pretty awesome pictures of our morning-after-new-year's celebration as well.  John & I were up in Breckenridge with our friends Bill & Geneva.  After a night of partying, we woke up late to a beautiful sunny day.  We walked down to a little breakfast place and got some delicious breakfast burritos, and coffee.  It was lovely!  

"Uhm, excuse me?  I believe I ordered the LARGE cappuccino?  Holy cow.  Look at the size of this thing!  It's like Campbell's Cup o'ccino!"  If you don't know what that's from, please go out & rent So I Married an Axe Murderer right now.  You will thank me for it!

Awww... John's all tuckered out!  Haha!  That's his hungover face.


I think the above photo is one of my new favorites.  Just a great moment, and I love the lighting!  :)  

On a completely different note, I just watched a video that my friend Denny posted on Facebook, called "The Joy of Books".  It's just wonderful! 

Honestly, I'm a bit sad about the booming Nooks and Kindles out there.  Sure they're ridiculously convenient, but there is something about holding a REAL book, turning a page, smelling the paper - it's just wonderful.  I hope that the world can still appreciate books even with the new technologies out there! 

Anyway - on to the snowy day!  Hope yours is a great one!

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