Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions (from 2011) - How I Did!

Last year as my New Year's post, I made a list of all of my resolutions for the new year.  Most were pretty realistic, some were challenging, and others were kind of silly - but I thought they were all great ones!  

As 2012 is quickly approaching, I thought I'd asses how I did.  And you know what?  I did pretty darn well. :)

My 2011 Resolution "Results":
- Pass my skills test, and be recruited to an RMRG team so that I can bout for REALS!  (CHECK)
- Visit my big sister in NYC (CHECK - twice this year!  Yay!)
- Go vegan (& stay there) - Fail!  Oh, well. I will always be me! :)
- Pay off a credit card (CHECK - just one, but hey, every little bit helps.)
- Discover something new about myself (YEP!  It's almost daily, really.)
- Pick up a new hobby (I'd consider picking up drawing again a hobby!)
- Create my own custom recipe book (CHECK - I actually created it for my friends Katy & George as their wedding gift, so I guess the next thing to do is make a real one!  Katy keeps telling me to do it...)
- Laugh a LOT (Always!)
- Ride my bike more (YEP - A LOT more!  Been riding my bike to work almost every day!)
- Take a vacation (or 2) (CHECK)
- Have the most amazing 30th birthday party ever (CHECK - Roller Disco?  Yep, AMAZING.)
- Learn how to tap dance (CHECK... well sort of!)
- Read a lot of books (YEP!)
- Contribute to a cause (YEP - in little ways, but yep.)
- Make my own Kombucha (YEP!!)
- See an old friend (YEP!  Katie Keyrouse - TWICE in New York!)
- Take more photos (YEP!)
- Work harder at being Green / wasting less (YEP!  Got a scooter, riding my bike more, am shutting off lights all the time, turning down the A/C & Heat, being more aware of my carbon footprint, etc)
- Get back into doing yoga regularly (WORKING ON IT - this is still a challenge for me.)
- Finish watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (Getting there! On Season 6!)
- Create more (I THINK SO!)
- Do thoughtful things for my friends (I HOPE SO)
- Remind my family how much I love them (YEP - ALWAYS)
- Get another tattoo (STARTED - just not finished!)
- Make the world a better place (even just a little better) (I HOPE SO!)

How did you do on your new year's resolutions?  I guess we still have a month to go before the year is up!   There's still time, so get crackin'!  :)  Now I need to ponder about what my resolutions will be for next year...

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Kendra said...

I'd say you knocked your resolution list OUT OF THE WATER!

Beth B said...

Haha! Thanks, Kendra!! :D I like to think so. Take THAT 2011! BOOYAH!!