Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Visit to the Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)

John and I made a trek up to Estes Park, CO - hungover and sleepy the day after our Halloween party last month. 

I'd been to the Stanley Hotel once before (probably 10+ years ago, before I moved to Colorado), but I didn't do a tour at the time, and I've always wanted to!  Especially since I saw the Ghost Hunters episode where they did an investigation there... and of course, The Shining (about a million times).

It was a pretty rad tour, and really educational!  I learned so much about the family who built it, their lifestyle, the history of the area - it was fascinating.  Oh, and of course - all of the GHOSTLY claims! 

He looks quite mischievous, doesn't he?

This is one of my favorite photos of the day - I loved the big ornate mirrors and the creepy portrait paintings in this hallway!

Close-up of us in the mirror.  I'm such a nerd. ;)

The grand staircase.  I didn't know that they filmed some of the hotel scenes from Dumb & Dumber here!  The part where Jim Carrey races the girl up the stairs - yep, that's this staircase!  I knew that when they pulled up to the hotel (in the Ferrari), and all the gift boxes fall out - that was out front of the hotel!

No, those aren't evil ghost-eyes on the right side of this picture - they're just light from an old-fashioned lamp!

John is a very scary ghost.

The infamous room 217!  This is the room where Stephen King stayed, and inspired him to write "The Shining".  Apparently he was so shocked with what happened to him while staying in this room, he pumped out the book in just a week!

According to our tour guide, a lot of activity happens on this staircase.  She said that people often lose cell reception, or their phones shut off completely.  I love this photo because of all the illuminated phones!

One of my most favorite photos of the day... I love that the people staying in the room below opened their door at just the right moment...

You may have to click on the photo above for a closer look, but it's up to you to see if I caught a ghost!!

A little prank with the doorway leading to the upstairs attic.

Going down?

Another one of my favoritest pictures of the day! :)

I LOVED this old-timey elevator handle - can you imagine this being how you got from floor to floor?

Oooooo - the basement.  Spooky!

What a gorgeous hotel, huh?  This is the main lobby.  You don't see many places this grand these days, that's for sure!  So beautiful!

What a breathtaking view!!  I can see why the built the hotel here - it's so gorgeous!

Those aren't people down there (bride & groom) - they're scarecrows in pumpkin heads gettin' married.  Ha!

Look at that!  Isn't it amazing?  I think the best word to describe it is "majestic".  Really - it's such a beautiful place.

Some elk came by to say hello to us while we were leaving!  I guess that'd be "goodbye", but whatevz.  Pretty neato! 

All-in-all I would highly recommend taking a tour.  It was such a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and the little town of Estes Park is absolutely charming!

I'm still getting caught up on all of my other pictures, and with Thanksgiving coming up, I've been a bit preoccupied!  :)  I'm out for the holiday for a good 5 days starting tomorrow (WOOHOO!!), so I hope you all have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!! 


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