Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An English Breakfast

I've always loved the way that the British do breakfast.  Well, not with all the meat and blood sausages (*cringe*)!  But I love tea, scones, heavy cream, baked beans and toast - YUM!  

The other day I was at Cost Plus (World Market - whatever the heck they're calling it now), and I found this amazing scone mix!  It's from a company called Sticky Fingers, and it's DIVINE.  I'm normally a make-it-from-scratch kinda girl, but I thought I'd give this a try.  

I got the Lemon Poppyseed kind (pictured), and a Cranberry one.  I brought it up to the mountains with me over the weekend, and baked the Lemon Poppyseed scones for breakfast, and served them with Honey Noosa Yoghurt (my new favorite thing).  If you don't know about Noosa, here is their website - the stuff is amazing, rich, creamy, OH so good, and probably another reason why I'm fat right now. ;) 

You just add water to the scone mix, stir, bake, and enjoy.  They came out light and fluffy and gorgeous - not dry at all!  I am officially in love with this mix.  

I made the Cranberry mix for breakfast this morning, and luckily remembered to grab another container of the Honey Noosa.  I think next time I'll get a simpler flavoring for the scones, then try out the Strawberry-Rhubarb Noosa - it sounds amazing! 

Oh - OH!!  And how could I forget??  The limited edition Nutcracker Sweet tea from Celestial Seasonings is out again!!  I LOVE this stuff - it has such a wonderful flavor to it (black tea with vanilla & spices).  I can't get enough, and it went great with my scone this morning. :) 


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