Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving In...

So, it looks as though this crazy fellow and I are going to be living together in just a couple of months!  Kinda crazy!  Personally, I've never lived with a fella before.  I've had roommates, sure - but never a BOY roommate, let alone a BOYFRIEND roommate.  

Although I did move back in with my parents for 2 years.  That should give me some extra points on the "patience" and "compromise" charts. 

Anyhoodle, we're figuring out how to make this work well for both of us.  John has had experience w/ this sort of thing, and I haven't.  Since we'll have the space though, I'm going to have my own room.  What I mean is, that it'll be a room all to myself to do with what I like.  It'll be my little "Beth" space! :)

Also, we'll get to have separate bathrooms, which is pretty awesome.  Not that John has a typical "boy" bathroom - he's actually rather clean!  But it will be nice to have all of my girl crap in my own space.  

There's something about separate / togetherness that just feels right to me.  I've been independent and living on my own for so long, that it will be quite an adjustment.  I'm sure it'll be an adjustment for John too!  I know we'll have a ton of fun together though, which puts me at ease.  It's a big step, but I'm sure it'll be a fun one!

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