Friday, June 24, 2011

Katy's Bridal Shower

Last weekend was Katy's bridal shower.  We all gathered at her parent's house, played games, drank champagne & punch, ate delicious food, and opened gifts.  It was a super fun day!

We started with a game of "Make a bridal gown out of nothing but toilet paper"!  We divided into teams, and here are the 4 styles we came up with...

Sasha - looking like a flapper in the 20's.... in toilet paper. 

Becca (the star of my team) wearing a modern-type dress...

Geneva in her wrapped / braided dress....

And Kat (the winning group) with the knotted braids!

Don't they all look so lovely? :)

Don't worry - we composted the toilet paper afterward.  I was very dissapointed with the fact that we were playing a game that was SO not "green" though! ;)

Katy - isn't she lovely?  I'm so excited for her wedding - it's coming up SO soon!!

The winning team with Kat!

Beth & Beth.  This is how Beth would look like with Beth's hair though. :)

Yah, I can rock a T.P. braid like no other.

I think those are supposed to go on UNDERNEATH your clothes.... well, actually, I don't think they're supposed to go underneath anything at all.  Hmm....

Paper bouquet!  Geneva is quite the artist.

Ladies loungin'!
Silly faces!

It was a lovely day all around - and Katy's mom (and friends) made each of us a customized painted glass with each of our names on it.  How sweet! :)

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