Monday, June 6, 2011

GRASS by Sheri Tepper

A couple of book club's ago we chose the book GRASS by Sheri Tepper, a sci-fi book that Katy chose to put into the pot.  Unfortunately the book was difficult to find in stores, and it's about 450 pages long, so not many of us could finish it before our next meeting (when we chose Bossypants by Tina Fey).

However, since my mom was the only one that finished Grass, and she LOVED it, we decided to carry it over to the next meeting so that we could discuss it AND Bossypants at the same time.  Very different books, but whatever! 

I just finished reading Grass last night, and it was amazing.  The beginning of the book was kind of hard to get through for me - just because I had NO idea what was going on, and it was as though the author just wanted me to pick it up right away without explanation.  I was confused and frustrated.  

As I read on, the plot began unfolding.  There's a planet called "Grass" where an aristocratic group of people (bons) go on hunts, similar to the way they would go to hunt a fox on horesback on earth.  However, in this story, they ride Hippae - terrifying creatures with spikes along their neck and sharp teeth... and they hunt creatures called Foxen - claws and eyes and barely recognizable by their camouflage.  

Marjorie is the main character who has arrived on Grass with her family to hopefully find a cure for a Plague that has been killing humans across the universe, and yet is somehow not found on this strange planet.  

The mystery of the Hippae, the bons, the Foxen, and the planet of Grass unfolds into an exciting turn of events that I could not stop reading.  I was pouring over the pages sucking up all of the details, all of the imagery, the excitement, the underlying meanings.  It was a thrill, and very stimulating.  There is a great review here if you want to check it out (but you may want to read the book first, as it gives away some aspects of the story). 

I would highly recommend this book, not just to sci-fi fans, but to anyone looking for a great read!  I can't wait to talk about it at our next book club meeting!

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