Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jeff & Tina's Wedding

A couple of weekends ago we went down to Colorado Springs for Jeff & Tina's wedding.  It was a super fun weekend with lots of friends, food, drinking, dancing, and celebrating!  We had an amazing time.  Here are some pictures... 

 If you look closely you can see Pike's Peak in the background!  Pretty rad! :)

Aww our little motel!  It was the Silver Saddle, and had one heck of a view.  I loved the old-timey signs on all of the motels in the area too - they were straight out of the 50's, and fantastic.

 After the ceremony we had some time to hang by the pool before heading to the reception.  A lot of us didn't want to get ready all over again, so we just hung out & gabbed!  It was fun. :)

My tootsies!  I love this nailpolish.  It's one from the OPI line that they made for "Burlesque" when that movie came out.  It's bright pink & super sparkly and I LOVE IT!

 My fella - being lurkey?  Lurking like a shark?  Something like that.

 Katy is totally one of the most fabulous people I know.  I love that she wore this headband that I got her as a gift too - that girl loves the color turquoise more than anyone I've ever known! ;)

 I love this photo!  It was right outside of where the reception was held.  I told everyone "FREEZE!  I wanna take a picture!" and they all stopped and turned to me just like that.  I could not stop laughing - it was perfect!

 Ah yes, the romping we did in the little field... you'd think we were drunk already!

 Me & Katy-poo.  Love that girl!

 More romping!
 I can't believe Andy caught this moment.  I was in awe of this awesome stick we found - it was twirly and looked like a magic wand!  I may have been a little TOO excited, but it still came out as a pretty hilarious shot!

 And cake-cutting!

 My friends are goofballs - why I love them!!

 One of the guys at our table showed us how to make a "bra" out of our napkins.  Well, we decided that they looked more than kitty ears, and then it just got outta control...

See what I mean? ;) 

I thought this was SUCH a cool idea!  Tina took this crazy amazing photo of a tornado (Jeff is a storm chaser), and they auctioned it off!  I think they raised almost $500 from their family members!  WOW!

 And then, came the dancing...
 ...and the dancing....

 Love this one!!

 Bouquet toss!!


 John teaching Bill how it's done...

 My sunglasses certainly got around that night!

 I LOVE taking pictures like this!


Oh, you thought the party was over after we left the reception hall?  Well, you'd be wrong!

Sigh, I love all these crazy kids.  What a fun wedding weekend!!! :) 


Kendra said...

Um, can I go to a wedding with you guys next time?! Looks like a great time was had by all.

Beth B said...

Heck YEAH! :D Haha! I think it was also that we had such a big group of close friends there - that made it all the more fun!