Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vegan Pizza and a yummy easy breakfast!

Last week I had a hankerin' for a pizza - BIG time! So I decided to make my own vegan version, with whatever fixin's I had in the fridge.

First I took a large 13" tortilla (these are the ones that I loved so much from the Farmer's Market - I bought a good supply of them to last me through the winter, and froze them), and laid it on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Then I slathered it with low-sodium tomato sauce (I like mine chunky).

I put a good helping of arugula on top (since I knew it would wilt), which made it even healthier!

These mushrooms are AWESOME and a great topping addition! You can find 'em with all the other 'shrooms at Whole Foods - I just like that these are a little different than the usual button mushrooms, and they have so much flavor and texture!

Don't even bother choppin' them. They're delicious just the way they are!

Next I whipped up some Vegan ricotta "cheese". This is the same stuff I used for Alicia Silverstone's recipe for Vegan Stuffed Shells - although I just realized I forgot the lemon juice. Whoops! It was still really yummy without it.

Basically you just mash up some firm tofu with nutritional yeast, salt & pepper, and garlic powder until it becomes a ricotta-like texture. I find using my hands is the easiest way to get it all mixed in evenly!

Dollop it all over the top of your pizza and bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 5-8 minutes. My old rickety gas oven cooks it in just 5 minutes, which makes for a SUPER quick & easy dinner!

This is another Kind Diet recipe that I really really enjoyed. Another super easy breakfast recipe!!

Basically you just take some leftover rice, dump it in a pan, top it with some dried fruit (I used currants), and cover it with water. Simmer for about 10 minutes until the water is reduced (I ended up straining mine to remove the excess water), then enjoy!

I topped mine with unsalted pumpkin & sunflower seeds for some extra iron, and gave it a splash of Vanilla Almond Milk. I think next time I'll add in some cinnamon at the end - YUM!

It's a really nice & easy way to BREAK the FAST of sleep. :) Very gentle on the tum-tum.

I had some fun editing this pic of myself too - I think it turned out pretty cool! Katy got me those awesome purple earrings for Christmas - love them!!

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Tara said...

So I had this for breakfast today. I cooked some short grain brown rice for this purpose (and BTW realized I've never had short grain brown rice - it was sweet and sticky and GOOD! I've only had long grain which never seems to be cooked enough) and I read in some book reviews the same thing about too much water so also because it was 7am (early for us hausfraus) and I was getting breakfast ready for the kiddos, I just nuked it with a splash of soymilk on low heat. Then I threw in a handful of WF dried tropical fruits. It was delish but I'm now thinking I shoulda added some sunflower seeds or something. Next time! I made the smallest amt on the pkg and I like a big breakfast but I only ate half the rice - very filling. I'm noticing a HUGE difference especially with the refined sugar gone - my usually voracious appetite is much smaller!