Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Eyed Pea Croquettes

Over the weekend I tried my hand at some Vegan Black Eyed Pea Croquettes from The Kind Diet book. Have I stressed how much I love this book enough? I LOVE IT! :)

Above you can see the picture from the book, and my own version. Mine certainly weren't nearly as pretty, but they were DELICIOUS!

The first attempt I accidentally cooked the beans/peas first (even though the recipe didn't say to). Needless to say, they disintegrated the minute I put them in the oil. The second time I just soaked them overnight and did NOT cook them (as the recipe said the first time around, der), and they turned out great!

They were very easy to make, even though they looked very decadent. I just pulsed the soaked black eyed peas in my food processor, added some seasonings, formed 'em in to little cakes and fried 'em up in oil! DONE!

OH, and the delicious dipping sauce.....ughhhh.....SO GOOD. The recipe called for sweet rice syrup, but I just used maple syrup instead. You heat it on the stove with some dijon mustard, and voila! Yummy nummy dipping sauce (that you won't be able to resist licking from the bowl).

After I finished with the croquettes I realized I had no lettuce to make a big leafy salad (which I imagined to be the perfect accompaniment). So instead I warmed up some frozen peas & corn, seasoned them with a little salt & pepper, and mixed in Tofutti sour cream. YUM.


Dad/Papa/George/Super B/Jorge said...

Hey - why not double the recipe next time and invite me over to share? Looks really tasty - I want some!

Beth B said...

Haha!! OK Daddy - that's a plan! They are pretty deeeeeeelicious, and I'm always happy to share my yummy vegan discoveries. ;)

Tara said...

Looks sooooooo good. All of it! Too bad the fam only seems to like the musical version of the entrée, and NO ONE BUT ME likes that salad :-( Lunch for 1?