Saturday, August 3, 2013

Brunch with the ladies!

Today my mom, little sister and I went to Mona's for some brunch!

It was so yummy - I got the French eggs Benedict (it had brie cheese on it, and came on a croissant - YUM!), and my mom and I split a huge blueberry pancake.  The coffee wasn't too shabby either!

It's my last weekend before I start my new job, and a lovely brunch with the family was a great way to do it.  I'm very excited to start my new position - and I gotta say, it's actually been nice to have some time off (even though it was so unexpected).  I've been getting caught up on school paper stuff, getting my apartment clean, catching up with friends, getting doctor's appointments done, etc.  It's actually been pretty busy, but good.

Funny how things turn out, huh?  And I really think this was the best thing for me - it's helping me move toward a new career and towards what I truly want to do, which is help people heal with nutrition.  And that makes me feel good!!

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely weekend so far!

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