Monday, August 26, 2013

Another new job? WHAT?

Hey gang!

What's in the news today?  Well I got ANOTHER new job!  Yay!
I just started working with Modern in Denver Magazine.  I'm going to be helping them part-time with social media, email advertising, writing & editing, blog updates, general office help, etc.  I'm so excited!

It's a little strange to be working two part-time jobs instead of just one full-time, but I think I might actually like it.  I tend to get tired of the same thing every day, and I like the idea of having things changed up a bit.  I should have a pretty set schedule soon as well, so that's AWESOME - and I'll even have WEEKENDS OFF!!  WOOHOO!!!  That made me so friggin' happy.

I feel so lucky and blessed that this all magically lined up for me (I really do think there was some magic involved), and I can't thank you folks enough for being so helpful and supportive during this whole process!  It's going to take a little bit of adjustment over the next month or so (I'm gettin' my feet wet - bear with me), but I think it's going to be really good for me.

I'm so happy to find positions that will not only A) be flexible when I do start school again, but B) possibly open up some opportunities in the future.  All about who you know, right? :)

And did I mention that I'll have WEEKENDS OFF???
Hehe.  I'm pretty happy about that.


Kendra said...

you just landed my dream job! congrats beth, this is awesome!

Beth B said...

No way, man!! I didn't know that this was something you wanted to do! Well heck! I'll put in a good word for ya for the future. ;) Thanks, darlin'!

G said...

Yea for another awesome part time job and weekends off so you can come hang out in the mountains!