Monday, April 4, 2011

My FIRST real bout at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver!

This past Saturday was my FIRST ever bout at the Fillmore with the Red Riding Hoods (yep, that means I got drafted to a home team with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls) - SO RAD!!!

It was an absolute blast, and although I didn't get to skate quite as much as I would have liked to, I felt like I did well when I was out there! Dave Wood, Jay Vollmar, and Wicked Shamrock Photography all captured some amazing shots during the bout, and here are some of my favorites...

This was one of my most solid hits of the night - I'm so glad that Jay caught it! :D

Pre-bout time, my derby wife (Quentin Tarintoya) and I decided to fake some domestic abuse. Love that girl!!

Me and Juno It'll Hurt taking on Frida Beater. We tried to hold her back, but she's a fast one! Probably a big reason why she's on Fight Club...

Me and Shelby Churass during the national anthem. I'm not bored, that's my nervous face!

I'm so glad that Dave Wood captured this photo. That's my daddy wearing the shirt I made for him last Christmas - it says "Papa Sweet Dee". He was right in the line of sight for all of us, and Psycho Babble leaned over at one point and said "I like your dad already". Yeah, me too! :)

We were trying to hold Queen Elizabitch back, but we could not succeed. Again, another Fight Clubber! ;) I just love Maggie Kill n' Maul's face in this one. "OOOOHHH!" LOL!

A big HUGE thank you to everyone who came out that night to cheer for me and my team. It was a truly amazing night that I will never forget!! <3 Derby LOVE!!!


Kendra said...

So many awesome photos, Beth! I love the one captured of your proud papa. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Beth B said...

Thanks, Kendra!! I know - I totally love that shot too. :D He was right in the line of sight for my whole team too, so everyone got to see it!