Friday, April 22, 2011

Apartment rearranging & Food Yummies

I had a pretty frustrating and "feeling out of control" day this week, so instead of getting all of my hair chopped off and/or dyeing it a crazy color, or buying a bottle of wine and drinking it by myself while eating a huge pizza in front of the TV,  I decided to rearrange my apartment a bit. 

And crazy thing, it made me feel TONS better! 
I got rid of a bunch of stuff, scrubbed my floors, dusted (you wouldn't believe the cobwebs!!  They were everywhere!  So gross), and shuffled things around a bit.  When I was finished I felt like I could breathe again, and every morning since I look at my new arrangement and remember that every day is a fresh start.  It's awesome. 

Just click on the images to see a bigger picture! :)

It might seem silly, but it worked!  It's funny how something so seemingly trivial is all you need to get positive again.  I'm sure having my endorphins flowing from all of the work it took helped too.  

It wasn't a huge change (as you can tell from the photos), but you can't do a TON of moving stuff around in my apartment - everything is in a certain place for a reason (due to space). ;)  

I've also been having fun with foodstuff on my TBT plan.  Here are some pictures of my meals where I got creative! :)

Leftover quinoa (w/ asparagus, mushrooms sauteed with onions & spices, tofu chunks, a little bit of goat cheese, last of the leftover black eyed pea croquette crumbles).

Quinoa "Chicken" (Quorn "Chicken", oven baked, and served over quinoa with steamed asparagus, mushrooms sauteed with onions & garlic, seasonings and marinara sauce)
Salad (romaine lettuce, walnuts, raisins, apple slices - w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar)

Whole wheat Matzo "Pizza" (1 matzo square with marinara sauce, tofu "ricotta", mushrooms & onions sauteed w/ spices & pinch of salt, fresh tomato slices) - the tofu "ricotta" is just tofu mashed up with some nutritional yeast, seasonings, and lemon juice.  
Kale Chips (Kale baked in the oven until crispy with spray oil, seasonings, pinch of salt)

Naked Breakfast Burrito (brown rice, salsa, mushrooms & red onions sauteed with spices & pinch of salt in vegan butter, unsalted black beans, 2 eggs scrambled, hot sauce, 1/2 chopped avocado & 1/2 chopped tomato - with a dollop of vegan sour cream)

Enjoy the weekend everybody!! 

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