Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baseball & Powerballs!

Over the weekend we went to one of the Rockies VS Cubs games.  Although the Rockies lost, we still had a lot of fun (especially John, who spent most of the time gloating because the Cubs played so well). ;)

 Walking into the stadium - it was a gorgeous day for baseball! 

Me and Stacey - the 2 Rockies buddies.  :)  Stacey is working hard at quitting smoking and getting into shape, which is awesome because I'm on a similar quest!  Well, I don't smoke anymore, but I am trying to get into shape & all of that.  We've been workout buddies and support buddies, and it's been great having her along for the ride.  You can check out her super honest & inspiring blog here! 

Me and my crazy fella.  He has sunglasses of every color to match every outfit.  I'm not even exaggerating.  He really does! 

I love this photo!  I didn't even realize it was a full moon that night, so it was really super cool to have seats where we could see the moon AND the game! 

Mmmmmm - PEANUTS!! :D
The day after the game my cold decided to relapse, and I'm just now starting to feel better.  Last night to stay on my health kick, I made myself some 5-minute no bake vegan almond butter chews (a recipe I found on the wonderful blog Oh She Glows).  I decided that title was WAY too long, and since they're great little buggers for a post-workout snack, I'm calling 'em POWERBALLS!  :)  

Here's my version of the recipe since A) I'm trying to stay away from chocolate, and B) Organic Almond butter is WAY too pricey for a cheap-o like me.  I also added ground flaxseed for another boost of healthy goodness.  So here's my version of her recipe! 

Adapted from the recipe on Oh She Glows 
Makes about 7 golf-ball sized chews

- 1/4 cup all-natural peanut butter
- 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
- 1/2 tsp pure almond extract (I just used this because I had it - you can just do 1 full tsp of vanilla if you don't!) 
- 1 cup rice crisp cereal (I found a great one at Whole Foods - very little sugar, and made with brown rice!) 
- 3 tbsp organic brown rice syrup (this was hard to find, but it was in the honey / syrup section of Whole Foods.  This is a great alternative to other sweeteners too - I guarantee you'll use it again!)
- 2-3 tbsp dried currants (or any other dried fruit, as long as it's chopped small)
- 1-2 tbsp ground flaxseed

Line a plate with parchment (or wax) paper.  In a medium-sized microwave safe bowl, stir together the peanut butter, brown rice syrup, and vanilla (and/or almond) extract.  Microwave on high for 35-45 seconds.  Stir well, and immediately add in the rice crisp cereal, dried fruit, and ground flaxseed.  Stir very well until evenly mixed. 

Wet hands thoroughly and shape into golf-ball sized rounds.  Press the mixture together firmly so it will hold.  You may need to wet your hands repeatedly throughout this process so that they don't stick to your hands.  Place balls on parchment paper, and freeze for 5 minutes.  Keep balls in the freezer in a sealed container - they stay chewy and delicious - I promise! :) 

Each ball is only about 100 calories a pop, and about 5 grams of fat.  Not too shabby!  

I had one with a banana for breakfast with a cup of black coffee this morning after a very heavy-duty workout.  It's already 11am, and I still feel satisfied!  Yeah!! 


Tara said...

Isn't that like, the one game the Rockies lost to the Cubbies?

Beth B said...

Haha! Yep, that's the one. I must be bad luck for the Rockies or something! ;)