Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Morning at home

Lately I've been trying to get up early, and enjoy some morning time at home!

I love the way the light comes streaming through my kitchen window every day... it always helps wake me up!

Today I got up at 5:30am and went for a walk.  I really wish I could do that every day!  It was so quiet outside (at least for downtown Denver), the birds were singing, and it was still cool outside - even though we're supposed to hit 94 degrees out there today.  When I got to the park, the sunlight was still filtering through the trees... it was just gorgeous.

Afterwards I made some breakfast, got my things together (which means just dumping out my purse everywhere and reassembling), and left.  But I love those quiet mornings sometimes!

What is your routine like in the mornings?  Do you like to sleep in / get up early?
I do love having a sleep-in day every now & then, but boy, getting up early definitely has it's benefits too!

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Vikx993 said...

You totally have the same purse as me :D