Monday, December 12, 2011

A round of Cute-Cute Boys!

Nothing much to report today, so for the occasion it's time for a round of Cutie-Cute Boys!  

I've already done a couple of installments of cute girlies here & here, so it's time to bring on the boys.  I couldn't find many images of boys I actually found attractive (or over the age of 16) on the We Heart It site (one of my favorite image-search sites), so I thought I'd go with some of my favorite celebrity crushes, and the reasons why I find them so adorable.  :) 

The Funny Guys. 
This goes for both the above pic (Flight of the Conchords - Jermaine & Bret!), and the below pic (Andy Samberg from SNL).  How can you NOT love guys that are not only super cute, but that aren't afraid to make fun of themselves?  These boys are fearless with making themselves look ridiculous in order to make you (and me) laugh like crazy.  BIG time cuties, and added points for sense of humor!

The Nerdy Guy. 
I'm kind of obsessed with the show "Criminal Minds".  Matthew Gray-Gubler plays Dr. Reid on the show, and I gotta say - I've always had a big ol' crush on him!  Probably partly because his character is so obliviously innocent, and also pretty much a genius savant at the same time.  His hair is always messily adorable, and he's always coming up with the final piece to the puzzle.  He's also a model in his spare time, so I guess other people haven't exactly glazed over his good-looks.

The Rockstar. 
Sigh - Davey Havok - my first big time rockstar love!!  I fell in love with the band AFI waaaayyyy late.  I caught the video for "Miss Murder" while I was jogging on a treadmill in the workout room of a hotel in Oklahoma about 6 years ago.  His face was just so lovely, and he was rocking my socks off all at the same time.  I immediately went out & bought their album Decemberunderground, and realized that they had plenty more albums that were all equally amazing.  Not only is his voice crazy-awesome, but he's vegan, straight edge, and cute to boot.  Even crazier story?  I saw him at my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Denver a few years ago.  I don't usually get star struck, but that day I totally did.

The Pretty Face. 
Cillian Murphy is an amazing actor (28 Days Later, Sunshine, Batman Begins, etc), and definitely NOT just a pretty face.  He really is damn good at what he does.  But he also has a damn pretty face!  Maybe a bit feminine in a way, but oh-so-pretty.  The first time I saw him in a film it was "28 Days Later".  My friend Jen had seen it and said "I'm in love with the main character - he's so gorgeous".  At the beginning of the movie half his hair was shaved off, he had a terrible scruffy beard, and I could not figure out what my friend was talking about!  Then halfway through the movie, he shaves off his beard.  Once I could actually see his face, I got it. :)

The Bad Boy. 
OK I don't really know if Justin Theroux is actually a bad boy.  But he's certainly been getting that rep since he left his wife for Jennifer Aniston.  Now, I don't know the whole situation, but of course the media is having a field day with it!  But what I do know is that I find this guy smokin' hot.  A loooong time ago he was in Sex in the City (he actually played a cocky author that Carrie met super early in the first season, then the uhm...always-comes-too-early author guy in a later season), but I really went nuts for him when I saw him in "Charlies Angels: Full Throttle" as a gorgeous (totally ripped) Irish ex-boyfriend of Drew Barrymore's character.  It's worth it just for the shirtless fight scene close to the end!

The Nice Guy. 
I've never met Jason Schwartzman of course, but he seems like he'd be quite a nice guy.  He always plays such quirky characters, and can be funny and heartbreaking all at the same time.  I hear he's kind of short too, which only makes him even more cute.

The Super Cute Funny & Scottish Guy. 
Yep, couldn't narrow down this one! ;)  Ewan McGregor has been on my list for a while now, ever since back in high school when I watched "Trainspotting".  He is another one of those actors that has a wide range of talent when it comes to playing different characters, with one difference.  He can SING.  I hated the move "Moulin Rouge", but I loved getting to hear him belt out some tunes - and I can't wait to see him play a flamboyantly gay man in "I Love You, Phillip Morris" which has been in my Netflix cue for ages.  If you want to see him as probably one of the cutest (and worst) kidnappers ever, you should watch "A Life Less Ordinary".  He sings in that one too!

So there ya go!  I'm sure I could list more, but I like this list.  I apparently have quite a varied taste when it comes to men!  Luckily I have a super wonderful boy of my own as well.  I'd say he's kind of my Ewan McGregor in a way.  Well, he claims to not be able to sing, and he's not Scottish, but he does have Irish heritage, and he's damn funny and damn cute!! ;)  Yeah, I think I'll keep him.

All photos from Google Image search.

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