Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enjoying the Holidays

It's definitely Christmastime, and last weekend I REVELED in it!  I finally perfected my icing recipe for my made-from-scratch sugar cookies (above) - aren't they just lovely?  I brought them to work and they were gone within an hour.  Woohoo!  
It's probably a good thing they're out of the house now... John and I were getting fat on 'em. 

We got a LOT of snow at the end of last week too - something like 7"!  Ok, we've definitely had more, but it's been a while since we've gotten it this early down in the city.  Personally, I love it - even though it has been pretty damn cold in the house.  Last night it got down into sub-zero temperatures, and I found out which rooms of the house stay warm, and which rooms.... don't.  Good thing I asked for new slippers for Christmas! 

The one place you can be sure to find John this winter (unless he's up in the mountains snowboarding).   This is basically where he was all day on Sunday while I was a cookie-making fiend! 

I rented this book from the library at the end of November, and I just keep renewing it, I love it so much!  All of the recipes are pretty darn easy to follow, and so far everything has turned out almost exactly like the pictures.  Case in point.... 

Man, I need to get a piping bag!  I actually made these using a ziplock bag with a hole in the end, and they turned out pretty well.  More like "elf poop" rather than "kisses", but oh well.  They're little meringue cookies, and they turned out AMAZING.  They had to sit in the oven at 200 degrees for 3 1/2 HOURS, so that part kind of sucked, but they were totally worth it, and SO yummy.  

The 3 1/2 hours of waiting for the cookies to bake gave John and I enough time to run to Target and get a little gift for Fudge.  I don't think he likes it, but it's not really for his enjoyment - it's for ours. ;) 

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! 

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Kendra said...

your home looks so festive! mine makes me out to be a big ol' scrooge -- better get up some decorations, and fast!