Friday, January 23, 2009

The Talons Challenge 2009

OK - I'm totally not crazy enough to do this, but a bunch of my friends are! (yep, that's part of why I love 'em so much).

We're heading up to Beaver Creek tomorrow, where my friends will attempt to conquer all 13 black diamond runs in 1 day. I don't think I'd even try to conquer more than 1 black diamond at Beaver Creek in 1 day. My problem really is moguls (or to non-mountain people, the bumpy things in the photo above). Everyone seems to think that I'll just fall into a groove, and the movements will just start coming to me naturally as I navigate my way down the slope. Well, they're right about the falling part! I understand the desire for a new challenge, but I think I'm pretty happy where I'm at -- just doing my thing on my lovely blue / intermediate runs, while listening to old AFI albums through the speakers in my new awesome helmet. And hey, I'm trying jumps this year, so that's a good start. Maybe I just need to take things one baby-step at a time.

So moguls, I will accept your challenge in my own doggone time. I know you probably don't want a mogul-amateur like me messing up your bumps anyways. 'Cause all I'd do is snowplow all the powder right off of ya at this point. Let's make a date for next season, maybe?

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