Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh my GOSH!

I haven't updated my blog in a super duper long time!!! WHOA! Ah well -- sorry about that kids. I'm sure there was a huge number of you checking it regularly, scratching your heads and thinking, "hmm... what's happened to Beth?"

Well, I got busy with stuff. Yes, too busy for my blog. Blasphemy!

So as a consolation prize, I'm posting a picture of a werewolf. I know you were totally hoping for something AWESOME like that!! Anyways, the story behind it is that I went to the Taste of Colorado festival thingy at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver on Labor Day with Ryan Garvey and my new roller-derbying friend Nikki. We stopped at a booth of an artist that does these really creepy drawings & paintings of all kinds of things. Some of our favorites were his weird depictions of Sesame Street characters (kinda strange, yet awesome). This sketch caught my eye, of course I couldn't begin to understand why. (Insert obvious sarcasm here). I do heart those werewolves (and vampires of course). When I saw that it was only $10 with the frame included, I began giggling like a schoolgirl --- slapped down my plastic money, and gleefully stuffed the artwork into my Dickies heart-tote.

Don't know where I'm going to hang it yet, but I sure do love it!

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