Friday, September 19, 2008

North by Northwest

Last night I watched the Alfred Hitchcock classic "North by Northwest" (starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint). This was my first time seeing the flick, and I definitely wasn't dissapointed. However I remember the girl saying that she was 26 and thinking to myself "dang! I'm 27, and she's got more sophistication than I've got in my pinkie finger." -- as I picked my nose in wonder.

Kidding. I wasn't really picking my nose. Much.

Anyhoodle, I know this is probably EVERYONE's favorite scene, but I loved the plane chasing part! MAN that was good! I dragged my mom into my room and made her watch that part with me. I said the brilliance was that he put Cary Grant in this huge empty field, but he was completely trapped. It was terrifying, because even though he was in this big wide open space -- he was completely helpless. My mom exclaimed "yah, he was a pretty smart guy makin' these movies!"

Well put, momma. Nice work, Hitchcock.

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Amber said...

This is my all time favorite Hitchcock movie! My second favorite has to be 'Rope'. I've heard they did the entire film in 2 shots. He only stopped to reload the camera with the second role of film. :) Yay for old movies!