Saturday, January 26, 2013

My new apartment!

I know this is kinda belated (well, I've only been living there for about 6 days now - so I guess it's not THAT belated - ha!), but here is my new apartment!

This is the view when you first walk in the "front door" (it's in an early 1900's house that was divided into apartments).  Eventually I'm going to get those drapes on the couch up soon!  One of these days...

Pivot to the right, and that's the little closet there, and my little make-up station!

Turn all the way around, and there's the kitchen / bathroom / desk area & all that fun stuff!  It's small and cozy, but I've tried to brighten it up in my own way with lots & lots of colors. :)  That's just how I roll!

My itty-bitty bathroom just off the kitchen.  It actually does contain a "bath", which would be the perfect size for me if I were about 3-feet tall.  Haha!  But that's OK - I don't need much!

And my abnormally large kitchen for a studio apartment!  I really do need a decent-sized kitchen.  It's hard having no kitchen space and loving to cook.  So this worked out great!

I absolutely LOVE all of the light I get in here too.  I have a big window in the kitchen, and two more big ones in the living / bedroom.  It's just gorgeous.  Makes me feel sunshiney and happy inside!

I did have to give away some things (knick-knacks, clothes, etc.) because there just wasn't enough room for everything.  But I was OK with that - it's just stuff.  And it was kind of cleansing in a way!  Starting clean, right?

Also, my lovely friend Nikki stopped into my work yesterday and dropped of this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  They really are helping my new little place feel like home.

I think I can be very happy here!


Diane said...

Love it, Beth! Wherever you go, you bring sunshine & fun & teddy bear hugs. Can't wait to taste the yummy dishes that will be coming out of that kitchen :)

m e l i g r o s a said...

so cozy and very you. congrats on your changes, move and all that. it requires lots and you are doing it GF! hugs, and dont forget to tell yourself, that's admirable :))

Kendra said...

so. flipping. cute. you have this crazy ability to make a house look so very homey. can't wait to see it in person!

Beth B said...

AWWWW thank you ladies!! Feelin' the love right over here. <3 <3 <3 :D And Diane, you know me too well. I already made vegan Shepherd's pie with tempeh and tons of mushrooms & sweet potatoes - it was DELISH!

Lakia Shaffer said...

You have lots of stuff there! Though your apartment is not that spacious, still, you were able to fit all your things. I must commend your organization skills!

Beth B said...

Thank you!! I certainly try to fit everything in and make it look organized. ;) One of the perks of being ridiculously anal. Haha!

Sunni Mahr said...

Are you living in this apartment alone? The bubbly character that you have definitely reflects the way you organize and decorate the whole place. The frames, artworks, and photos you hang on the wall make your pad fascinating. It adds a modern touch to it. Well, I'm planning to move into a new apartment soon. I don't have a lot of stuff, so I think a place like this would be perfect for me.