Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Winter Beautiful

I am so glad that I live in Colorado where I can enjoy all of the beautiful seasons!  Right now I'm looking forward to snow and wintertime.  

I know there are people out there that think I'm crazy, but I absolutely love snow!!  There's something so beautiful and peaceful about it, and it can turn any landscape in to a magical wonderland.  

Snow turns cities quiet and peaceful.  It makes everything look clean and pure and sparkling.  

I love coming in after running around in the snow to a hot cup of cocoa or tea!  I love watching the snow fall through the window while I'm snuggled under a big thick blanket.  

I love bundling up and walking while snowflakes are gently falling from the sky.  I love watching dogs leap into snowdrifts and burrow their noses underneath!  

Although I absolutely adore fall, I just love winter too. :)  

All images found via Pinterest. 

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