Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses - CHECK

Well, we finally got the Bridesmaid's dresses picked out & ordered for Katy's wedding! Woohoo!

Here are some pics of me trying them on. The actual color of the dress is the same as the one pictured on the far left. It's really pretty and shimmery - it's called "Copper", but it's like a pale greenish / gold. Hard to explain, but really lovely!

I liked the style I have on in the middle photo a lot, but it turns out that dress doesn't come in the right color. Oh, well!

Sasha ordered the dress she's in (on the far left), and I really loved Molly in the same dress (far right). The middle pic isn't available in the copper color either, but I think all of us were okay with that. It wasn't one of our favorites!

Sasha's little boy, Cayden, came along for the try-on session. He's the cutest little bugger EVER! He was so happy the whole time - kicking around, making cutesy baby noises, and giggling. Katy couldn't resist taking a video of him too....

After we realized how many dresses we tried on that we could NOT order in the right color (yeah, the salesgirl kind of sucked.... why would you not double check on that first?) we found some options online that we kind of liked even better!

I have learned something new about bridesmaid dresses though.... they purposefully make them so that they do not fit you properly! The bust hung out, leaving a gaping space, they were all ridiculously long - it was as if they sabotaged them on purpose so that you'd have to get it tailored to fit you! BALONEY! And I wear a size 14 in bridesmaid dresses. 14!!! I wear a size 10, tops! I just hate that the second you tack "Bridal" onto anything, the price goes skyrocketing, as does the size.

Whew! Done with that rant. ;)

So here is the one that Geneva, Jess, and Molly ordered. I think it's really lovely, and will look great on all of them.

This is the one that Sasha ordered. She looked great in it, so I would've done the same! :)

And this is the one I ordered. I like the twist in the front, the strapless top, and the sweetheart neckline. I think it'll show off my hourglass shape well.... even though I'll be in a friggin' size 14. ;)

Dress photos from Mori Lee - at this website.


bridesmaid dress said...

the one you ordered is absolutely amazing! I also love the twist in the front, the strapless top, and the sweetheart neckline. I think it's really stunning and you will definitely look great in it. such a beautiful color! I just love it!

two birds said...

they are all so beautiful. i definitely love yours and the deep v/halter dresses best!

Beth B said...

Yah, I had trouble deciding between the halter and the one I got. :) It was really fun playing dress-up!!