Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Body Combat, Boy Dinner, Trivia

Weird title, huh? ;)
Well, that's pretty much what my Tuesday night was all about!

First I went to Balanced Life Systems, where trainer Josh Franks kicked my ass!! OK, not literally, but with an awesome workout. It was their Body Combat class - kinda like kickboxing. Lots of kicking, lots of punching, lunges, bouncing on the balls of your feet.... holy workout batman! I worked up one hell of a sweat - it was AWESOME!

Apparently I have a lot of aggression to get out too. Gosh, I thought derby did that for me already! I was wailing on my imaginary partner - I think I would've beat the shit outta somebody if they had actually been real. What made me feel really good about myself was that the girl next to me (who was much thinner than me, that looked like she had more muscle than me too) had to stop near the end and take a break! I just kept on pushing through - it felt soooo good!

After that I headed to my fella's place where he cooked up a ridiculously yummy (VEGAN) dinner! He totally made it up too, which is even more awesome. This dude is a keeper, I'm tellin' ya.

First he fried up some "sausage" meatballs...

... then he simmered them in Madras sauce with veggies & lentils and served everything up over some brown rice. It was really delicious, and a wonderful post-workout meal! Filled me right up.

But the night was not over yet!
We then headed to Freshcraft for Geeks Who Drink Trivia night. Our team name was "Hey! There are SKITTLES in there!" - of my suggestion. It's from The Hangover, and that line cracks me up every time. The night was ridiculously fun, and we got 2nd place!! Well, we had to fight for it....

....OK, I did! They had a dance-off for the 2 teams that were in 2nd place. And I went nuts. This picture doesn't do it justice (why do I look like I'm demonstrating a very suggestive act?) - but there are videos that were taken. Those may be posted soon, as I have no shame.

And I managed to accomplish all of that with only drinking 1 glass of red wine. I was pretty darn proud of myself!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday night too! See, you don't need to wait for the weekend to have fun. :)


Kendra said...

Mike was so excited about getting 2nd place! Looks like you all had a great time.

And you clearly have mad dancing skills. I'm jealous.

Tara said...

That recipe looms good! I will have to try.

Speaking of easy, I made something up the other night and it was awesome. I just took some tofu, drained/pressed as much water out as I could, then marinated it in Braggs amino for like 15 mins (and by marinate I mean I just sorta sprinkled it on both sides and let it sit). Then I dredged it in nutritional yeast on all sides and cooked it in a pan on med-high(ish) heat for like 5-8 mins each side (I did a few more longer to test crispiness). It was so good - the kids even ate it!!! Ailie said it tasted like a chick'n patty and Aidan said it tasted like French fries :P I served it with kale reduced down in water and veg broth (buy evaporated) and sprinkled with RWV!