Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 things I've learned in 30 years

Today is my 30th birthday - CRAZY!!
I've learned a lot so far in this crazy life o' mine, but here's a short list. 30 things I've learned in 30 years...

1. Significant others are great, but your friends are significant too! Don't forget them when you fall in love.

2. Before you go to bed, wash off the reminder you wrote on your hand earlier that day. Otherwise you'll wake up with it all over your face.

3. I can’t ever pull off being a blonde. But I can rock the shit out of any other hair color!

4. Sunscreen is a very good thing.

5. Texting is not communicating. And I suck at it.

6. Roller Derby is the best sport on the planet.

7. Never say the words "I'm sorry" or “I love you” unless you truly mean it.

8. Forgiveness is a good thing. Grudges don’t hurt anybody but you.

9. When you try on clothes at a store, hang them back up when you're done. It only takes a second, and the sales people will love you for it.

10. Never be afraid to try something new! It could change your life.
(me trying my first oyster in New Orleans!)

11. Verify with your friends if there's a hike to the campsite from where you park, and pack accordingly.

12. Always say "please" and "thank you".

13. Treat anyone in the service industry with respect.

14. If you think "I'm going to barf if I do that next shot", you probably will.

15. On that same note, the hangover cure: Saltine Crackers + Sprite.

16. Be good to your family.

17. Smile a bunch. People seem to like people who smile.

18. Look up at the sky every now and then. The general population seems to only look at what is right in front of them. Check out what you're missing.

19. If you put love into your cooking, it will spread to those you share it with.

20. Send somebody flowers. It'll make their day - I guarantee it.

21. Wear whatever the heck you want. If you think it looks great, that's all that matters.

22. Remember this: Even though Taco Bell sounds like a good idea at the time, it won't feel like a good idea in the morning.

23. Be honest.

24. Money isn't everything, but it's good to have a plan with it. On the same subject, don't use credit cards. They are the fruits of the devil. And I need to learn how to take my own advice.

25. Someone is up there. And they listen.

26. Eat healthy and happily. We all know fruits and vegetables are good for you, but what would life be without pizza every now & then?

27. Give good hugs.

28. Follow through on your commitments. Nobody likes a flake.

29. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you make a decision. It may change you for the better.

30. Sometimes you just gotta do what your heart tells you to do. Even if that means wearing rainbow booty shorts, knee-high socks, and a fanny pack.

Here's to another year!! :)

Most photos from the rest are my own.


Kendra said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Beth!! I really loved the post.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday! I'm new to your page and I read your post about the Diva cups and now cause of you I HAVE to try it now! THANKS!!!!


Stacey said...

Sweet Dee,
You are one of my favorite people. You are absolutely amazing. Here's to being 30 :) Thanks for the insights.

Beth B said...

Thanks guys!!
Missy - I'm so glad that you're going to try the Diva Cup - it's seriously the best thing ever!!
Can't wait to check out your bloggie too...

Titan - YOU are amazing. Thank you so much for the wonderful note. :)