Monday, September 28, 2009

Motivation, where have you gone?

I'm so bored! Lately my life has been the same thing over & over again. Get up, straighten my apartment, go to work, go home, watch a movie / tv show, go to bed. BORING BORING BORING! At first I loved it, and the way my plans began to slow down after the craziness of the summer. But now, I am starting to feel a severe case of laziness settle in, and I'm having trouble getting out of my slump. There have to be better things to do with my time!

I need to get motivated again. To try something new, learn something, start a new book, get back in shape, plan a trip, volunteer, create something - ANYTHING! I feel like every week day has been the same as the last lately, and that worries me.

Any tips on how to get outta my lazy-ass slump??

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