Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Texting is ruining dating (if you ask me)...

I'm sure guys have this problem with ladies as well, but I gotta say it's driving me nutso.
I know that technology has opened up numerous doors of communication for us, however I'm starting to believe that texting has completely ruined the world of dating. My reasoning? It's messing shit up!! How 'bout that for a reason? Trust me, if you're in the dating world today, you know what I mean.

Girl meets boy at a bar / after-work function / cookout / market / sidewalk.

Girl gives boy her phone number after some mild flirtation.

Boy says "I'll give you a call, and we'll have a drink".

Girl gets a text 3 days later asking what she's up to the upcoming weekend.

Girl is confused, as he said he would CALL, not text.

Girl wonders if she should text back, or call back. She thinks about the 3-day "rule", but then re-thinks that maybe she shouldn't call, as it may seem too much too soon. Then she thinks "I kinda want to talk to this guy before I see him again so that I have a little more contact with him instead of just on a sidewalk". So she texts him back saying something like - "sure, call me this weekend & we'll get together", hoping he'll take the bait.

Boy texts again over the weekend saying "whatcha doing tonight?"

Girl thinks: WTF??? Did he miss my clever text, specifically asking him to call?? This guy seems like kind of a pussy if he can't just call me....

You see what's going on here? The boy is screwing up before anything has even begun! Really - what's cuter than talking to a boy that's all nervous about calling you? Texting has thrown yet another big fat confusing wrench into the already frustrating dating system.

The next time I give a guy my number, I'm going to tell him I save $5 / month by not getting text messages on my phone. Sure, they'll figure out the little lie eventually (if things go well) - but by then it won't matter, and it'll be something we both share in a laugh about.

Who's comin' with me!?

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