Monday, May 18, 2009

My doggone jeans...

I know what the 2 followers of my blog are thinking:
"3 posts in 1 day?? Holy shit-nuts!"
One of them might also be thinking:
"Penelope! Get over here & snuggle with me!"

Either way, I'm sorry to overwhelm! :)

I'm realizing that my jean collection has been deteriorating at a rapid pace this year. I LOVE jeans, and I've been collecting numerous pairs of them over the past 10-odd years. They all fit differently, and I love having my "skinny" and "fat" jeans (only when I need them, of course). Unfortunately, they've started to crap out on me this year! My favorite pair finally deteriorated through the crotchal-region (why the heck do girl's jeans do that?) until they finally tore the whole way 'round while I was stepping into my friend's high-clearance SUV last month.

Today, I wore my black faded jeans to work. I thought they were pretty durable, but the zipper unexpectedly broke off in my hand when I went to the bathroom! They're kinda fitted, and I wore a not-so-long shirt, so there was no way to hide my gaping front-side. So I had to run over to American Apparel (it's the closest clothing store to my work), and buy a pair of yoga pants for $26. For cryin' out loud!

I thought these things were supposed to be "built tough" like Fords or something. Maybe I just hold high hopes. Or maybe this is somebody's way of telling me that I have too many pairs of jeans.... or that maybe I shouldn't hold onto a pair of pants I've had since the summer of 2001.

Guess I'll never know...

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