Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flight of the Conchords - LIVE

I know I've been posting a helluva lot of videos lately, but I haven't had time to write much of anything, so in an effort to post things interesting while keeping my lazy state - here's some videos!

Last night I started watching the first season of "Flight of the Conchords". I've seen a few episodes, but never the whole thing. I watched the first 4 episodes last night, and laughed my a** off! Their monotone deliveries, and strange awkward humor made up some of the funniest crap I've seen all year. I even went as far as to wikiquote some lines from the season - the laughing continued:

Mugger: What is this? Why does this phone have a camera glued to it?
Bret: It's a camera phone. Jemaine wanted one for his birthday.
Mugger: [To other mugger] Look at this. [To Bret] Oh yeah? Where'd you get it?
Bret: I made it. It's homemade.
Mugger: Yeah, it's a piece of shit.
Bret: Well, how come Jemaine likes it so much?
Jemaine: You can have it.
Here's a video clip of the guys playing a live show too. They're actually coming to Red Rocks soon, but I doubt I'll be able to afford a ticket! Ah well - I'll just have to enjoy them from afar. :)


Dad/Papa/George/Super B/Jorge said...

whoever is looking at Beth's blog Must watch this. watch it Now. Yeaah - I'm talkin to You! Its funny. watch it now. Now. right now.

KARAN said...

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