Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair Helmet

I was thinking the other day of how soooo uncool bike helmets look. Yes, I know they're built for safety, but they'd make the coolest person on the planet look like a huge dork. I wear mine every time I hit the streets on my bike, but most of the time I'm reluctant to do so as it totally messes with my awesome bike-chick vibe (and doesn't match my outfit).

I was discussing my unhappiness of the situation with a friend the other day, and they said "Why not make a hair helmet? Like in Flight of the Conchords?" I laughed as I recalled the properly titled "hair helmet" that the guys created (which is just a bunch of fake hair glued to a bike helmet, that once strapped on your noggin' resembles an afro wig).

Although it made for a hilarious moment in television, I doubt that it would make me look like less of a dork. However, it would definitely make for some good laughs.


Kelley said...

Please do this!

Kelley said...
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