Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flip Flops - WTF??

I recently went shopping with my friends Mindy and Nicole. I don't normally spend much time in malls, but since it was such a beautiful day outside, I thought I'd go indoors & shop.

I found a super duper cute pair of flip flops on display, but GASP'd when I glanced at the $64 price tag attached! $64 for a pair of spongy shoes with a strip of fabric to hold your foot in?? Yikes. So I went on my merry way to find a simpler, less expensive pair.

I found a display area with a bunch of flippie-floppies in a jillion different colors, and thought "these babies are for me!" becuase they always display the cheap stuff piled on one big rack. But my dreams were dashed yet again - at a price tag of $45! WTF?? When the hell did flip flops get so doggone expensive? Flip flops shouldn't cost any more than $10 - and even that price is reachin'. We're in a recession, f-f manufacturers -- have a heart!

My search for the perfect flip-flop continues....

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