Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MySpace - What the hell??

As if women don't already have enough problems with their body images, I've begun to notice the screaming ads surrounding my login page for MySpace. Not only that, but they've begun to target me specifically -- saying "Overweight at 27? Lose weight now!" and the like. Really, Mister King of MySpace Tom -- what the hell. Are you guys so strapped for cash that you have to sell your souls to the bastards helping to support a weak body image for female website users? I refreshed my page 4 times, and below was the result. 4 different ads basically telling me that I need to lose weight. Sure, you have to put ads on your site to make money. But Facebook hasn't resorted to advertisements like this. In fact, I'm thinking of closing my MySpace account soley because of their lack of morals in this matter. It may seem harsh, yes, but I think it's a small step towards a better world. A world where women love their bodies no matter what size, and where men stop placing unattainable standards on what we should look like. Because ladies, you are beautiful - and you deserve a man (or woman) that sees you that way.

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