Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Training Motivation....

I've TOTALLY been slacking with my duathlon training. It's coming up NEXT MONTH, and I haven't done any running or biking in the past 2 weeks!! YIKES! I'm gonna get back in the groove again though -- I really want to do well in this duathlon. It's a 3.1 mile run, a 13 mile bike, then another 3.1 mile run. I've found some motivation on the Runner's World website (www.runnersworld.com) where they have tons of training tips & posts.

I really hope it gives me enough motivation to say "No thanks, I'm not going to have that 3rd deliciously-delicious beer, I'm going to get up early and run 3 miles in the morning". 'Cause that would rock. I'm gonna give myself some slack on the weekends (It's still summer, dang it!) -- but I have to stick to it this time. So if you talk to me and ask what I'm doing tonight / tomorrow / this weekend, please tack on to my answer "And does that include any running or biking, Beth?" Maybe it'll at least guilt me into doing it. ;)

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