Thursday, February 21, 2013

A trip to Balistreri Vineyards!

Who knew?  There's a vineyard just a few miles outside of downtown Denver!  Holy moly!

We made a little trek there last weekend, and it was OH so much fun.  It was the Balistreri Vineyards - they do free wine tastings if you have under 10 people in your group!  They also serve up one delicious lunch which you can enjoy with a bottle of their fine wines.

Just pour those samples right into our mouths, good Sir!  :)

Would you like some cheese with that wine?  Why yes, yes we would! 

Quite a menu... man we tried a lot of wines that day!  I can't believe I actually finished the list!

Our pretty little tasting glasses.

Mmmmm..... vino! 

The lunch was just delicious too!  Look at that lovely salad!

Our little group of girls, gettin' ready to taste more vino...

Learnin' stuff (and Anna trying to cover up her black eye).  Haha!

This is the bottle that I ended up buying - holy crap was it delicious!!  I can't believe I spent $28 on a bottle of wine (I've never done that ever - I'm a $15 max kinda girl), but I just couldn't resist.  And a good bottle of wine is worth it sometimes.

You should definitely plan a visit there!  It's a great way to spend an afternoon.  I'd definitely recommend getting there early (we got there at 12:30 which was perfect timing), as later in the afternoon (1:30-2ish) it starts getting really crowded and it's hard to find a spot at the bar.  The people there are friendly and knowledgeable, and it was a blast!

Just be sure you schedule a nap at home afterward though... and bring a designated driver. ;)


Kendra said...

this looks like the best time! maybe we can take book club for a little wine tasting?

Beth B said...

TOTALLY! That's an awesome idea!! We had such a blast. I did a beer tasting thing too recently (that I'll be posting about soon) that was awesomely fun as well. :)