Friday, May 27, 2011

"Bridesmaids" with the Bridesmaids!

Last night, I rounded up the Bridesmaids for Katy's upcoming wedding in August (gosh, it's coming up so quickly!), and we went to see "Bridesmaids"!  

It was pretty darn hilarious, and I LOVE that this whole cast was full of witty & talented women.  It wasn't the typically regurgitated love story movie (although there was some regurgitating - that was pretty gross!), it was more so about the relationships between women, and friendship.  I love that it was more real about how women are too... we can be pretty disgusting sometimes and vulgar - and we can make jokes at really stupid times.  Actually that sounds like me and most of my friends!  But that's why I liked it so much.  It's US! ;) 

This was a great scene too - they were working out with a Bootcamp in the park, but they didn't want to pay, so they were just out of earshot trying to get away with it.  So funny!

There were some unresolved things (her cake shop - what the heck happened with that?), which bothered me.  But in general the movie was a lot of fun, and we laughed our asses off.  And the cop / love interest?  SO CUTE!!!  Never seen the actor before, but he was perfect in this role.  He was adorable and lovable, and we loved him so much! 

Definitely a great movie to see with your girlfriends.  Honestly, I think that your guy friends would love it too. :)

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