Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back from the Big Easy!

Well, we're back from New Orleans, and we had an AWESOME time!!
I haven't had time to go through my pictures yet, so I've posted some of the ones that John took with his iPhone. It's surprising how good those little cameras have gotten!

These are a bit out of order, but here goes!

We went to the zoo, and I leaned in poo.
No really, I did. It was on the railing at the monkey exhibit. Yuck.

We walked around a LOT and I had to give my feet a break from time to time. The day I wore these leggings the guys went nuts - I think I got hit on 4 times that day.... even while walking with John!

I hope I don't get my vegan superpowers taken away (Scott Pilgrim VS the World, anyone?), but I totally ate seafood on this trip. Life is WAY too short to give up the little pleasures, you know? And this shrimp po-boy was DELICIOUS!

We loved all of the architecture, and the houses draped in a canopy of trees...

The view from our hotel window in the French Quarter!

Street art birdies.

I loved that lime-green door. Something about brightly painted doors make me happy. And brightly painted houses of course!

This fella...lady... was SAAASSSY!! She took it upon herself to direct traffic. It's amazing what you can do with a whistle and an outgoing personality.
The French Quarter.

A street band playing near Burbon Street - we loved all of the music!

John running his first marathon!! This is at the 12 mile mark - I'm so glad I could be there to cheer him on. He finished in 4 hours 19 minutes - AWESOME! I was so darn proud.

I surprised him by making an enthusiastic t-shirt to be supportive. ;)

Oh! Our first meal in NOLA! It was at this little place right by the Riverwalk. We were by the Mississippi River, watching boats pass by, and listening to a jazz band while eating steamed seafood. It was so perfect! John made the hilarious observation at one point when I was stuffing my face with shell & butter all over me... he said, "you know, if I can still like you like this... I think I could pretty much like you anytime." It was actually rather sweet. :)

My first bloody mary! Sigh, it was delicious. I loved that we could walk around with drinks outside - it made it all the more fun.

More pics to come! I didn't even get a picture up of the gondola ride that John surprised me with on Valentine's day!! It was so awesome, and made for my bestest v-day ever. I'm not even exaggerating. :)

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