Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving is almost here!!

I think it goes without saying (even though I've said it 900 times) that I LOVE THANKSGIVING! The cooking, the eating, the family, the friends, the wine, the games - everything!!

I had my menu almost entirely planned out before Halloween, so I'm pretty darn excited. Here is my Thanksgiving menu 2010!

Date & Goat Cheese Muffins

Appetizers / snacks
Brie with jelly & caramelized pears + crackers
“Prosciutto” filled with happiness (I'm making these with smoked salmon instead of prosciutto)
Cinnamon roasted pecans (I get this request every year! They're great for munching on beforehand, and they aren't too filling)

Side dishes
Salad (our friend Deb is bringing this)
Roasted Beets
Spinach & Chard Gruyere casserole (I'm adding the chard from the beets to this, just for fun!)
Smashed red potatoes, topped with crunchy kale chips
Cranberry Sauce (my little sister is in charge of this - she's a pro at the homemade kind!)
Vegan Gravy
Pumpkin stuffed with everything good
Stuffed Mushrooms (vegan)
Sweet potatoes (mom is in charge of this dish)
Biscuits with fancy butters (dad is making the butters)

Main dishes
Seitan with mushrooms & port (I'm the only vegetarian this year - what the heck? This is a super delicious recipe though - I've made it 3 years in a row. Huge hit for non-veggies too!)
Turkey & Stuffing (mom is in charge of this too - meat is yucky)

Pumpkin Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Ice Cream
(my mom is in charge of all of these)

Wine (duh)
Mulled Cider (another thing my little sis is a pro at making!)
Port (personal favorite)

And again, with camera(s) still broken (yes, I even broke my mom's), all images courtesy of we heart it dot com.

One of my most favoritest Friends episodes!!! I dunno, something about Monica doing a shimmy with a Turkey on her head cracks me up something awful! :)

How adorable are these little guys?? I'm going to have to make them next year. Well, maybe. they look like they might take a little bit of time. ;)

OH, and if you've never seen the movie "Home for the Holidays" with Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft, Robert Downey, Jr, etc - you absolutely must!! It's one of those utterly hilarious family comedies that everyone can relate to in one way or another. If you think your family is crazy.... you know what I'm saying. ;)



Frida said...

mmmmmm hmmmmmmm.

We are also having a veggie Thanksgiving. We are trying a Tofurkey. Never had it before, but hoping for the best.

I'm a little jealous though. Sorta wish I was going to be at your house.

m e l i g r o s a said...

wooooooo love this post. I already kicked off spending time watching TV with mi mom. we saw american masters feat. lennon
happy thxgvin to you gorgeousss!!
xxomeli <3

Beth B said...

Tofurkey is AWESOME! Everyone is usually hesitant about it, but I find it quite yummy. Especially with a super delicious vegan gravy. :)

Same to you Meli!! :D

Kendra said...

Oh my goodness, it all sounds A-Mazing!