Monday, November 15, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Because Meligrosa (from Bikes and The City) told me to get my darn camera fixed, I felt a bigger push to do so! :)

OK, to be honest, it's not exactly fixed. But the good news is, my lovely mother has been gracious enough to let me use hers until mine is back up & running again. Good woman!

This weekend Katy, Molly (Katy's sister) and I went bridesmaid dress shopping for Katy's wedding. It's not 'till next year, but she wants to get a jump start on everything (and apparently thinks that none of us will be gaining any weight before August of next year). ;)

The pics are kind of blurry (eh, I didn't really know how to use my mom's camera entirely), so bear with me here...

This one I call the "Sex & the City" bridesmaid dress. I thought it was super cute, but someone mentioned that maybe we should all wear a huge hat with feathers & birds in it too...

This one I call the "Fish" dress (because of the scales). I think we kinda ruled this out after all of the other more exciting ones we tried on.

This one I though of as the "Roman" dress - very elegant - I felt like a princess. It was WAY too long (I'm wearing 5" heels in this pic, and it's still dragging), but that can always be fixed. Molly looked lovely in it too.

This one was by far the surprise of the day. On the hanger I called it the "Grandma" dress, but once Molly & I tried it on I fell in love! Shows you can't tell a dress by it's hanger. (Get it? Eh?) It looked really classy & modern - although doesn't really go with Katy's HOLLYWOOD GLAM theme for her wedding.

Now THIS one definitely goes with the theme. The fit wasn't perfect, but it was very cute. We liked the ruffles at the top near the bustline.

This one was very cute, but utterly crappy compared to the earlier dresses. Everything at Nordstrom was absolutely lovely (the first pics), but the ones we found at Macy's were icky. Bad fabrics, bad stitching, and the fitting rooms seemed downright prison-cell-like. We still took a snapshot of this dress though (nice face by me), since we liked the look of it.

The last ones here are from Jessica McClintock, and boy, Jessica - you sure don't like ladies with figures, do ya?? To be honest I was kind of sickened by the sizing all together. At Nordstrom I fit into a size 10 in most of the brands they carried, but at Jessica McClintock I could BARELY fit into a size 12 - which really meant I needed a size 14 - which most of the dresses weren't even carried in. BALONEY.

All in all we had a pretty successful shopping experience! Now we just have to get everyone on the same page with which dress Katy chooses, and all into the right sizes, etc.... yikes. ;)


Kendra said...

They're all so pretty! I think I'm a fan of the "sex and the city" dress. You girls look so pretty.

Beth B said...

Thanks, Kendra! :) Yeah, I love the Sex & the City dress too - super cute! We have a lot more shopping to do, so hopefully all of us can agree on something...

m e l i g r o s a said...

oy im so happy guilty me!! LOL :D
OMG this looks like so much fun +you gals look adorable, Im sure you ladies will be rocking for the big event
much love babeeeeee xxomeli

Beth B said...

You aren't going to believe this - I just broke my mom's camera too! I'm CURSED with cameras!! What the heck!

Meli - you're awesome. :D