Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving, Zombie Crawl & Dracula Ballet - Oh my!

So, of course, every camera I own decided to break prior to this weekend! UGH!!! All of these photos are courtesy of my lovely friends, who thank goodness did not have the same bad luck that I have had with my cameras lately!

Anyway - this weekend was ridiculously fun. It all started off with some pumpkin carving in our back yard, on a chilly Friday evening...

I love my derby girls, and I'm so happy that they came to join in the fun! They made some amazing pumpkins too!

I will kill you, my little pumpkin!! MUUUHAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

I decided to get an autumn-themed drink to go with the evening, and purchased Woodchuck hard cider. They came out with 2 limited edition kinds - Pumpkin, and Fall. I went with Fall, and it tasted like pumpkin pie with spices and sweet apples. I dunno what that means really, but it was delicious.

Next day, it was all about ZOMBIES!!! The Zombie Crawl came to Denver, and we were there & ready to have fun. These little ones are my friend Amy's nieces, and boy did they do a good job at looking creeeeeepy!

Amy, as a gypsy zombie. I LOVED her costume, and a lot of people wanted their picture with her!

Awwww, a whole family of the undead!

Shaun of the Dead, anyone!? :D

I made the t-shirt myself. It says "I LIKE YOU FOR YOUR BRAINS". :) When people could read it (my boobs kinda got in the way), they thought it was hilarious.

I had to run to the derby bout afterward, but luckily there was still time to perform the Thriller Dance! It was a blast!

Yesterday a few friends & I went to see the Colorado Ballet's production of DRACULA. I haven't been to the ballet in a very long time, and it was amazing. I loved how modern everything was, and how they took dance to a whole new level. The sets and costumes were fantastic, and the scene changes and effects were super creepy, and made for a very exciting show!

I told my friend today, it seems so wrong to see a bunch of beautiful ballerinas with fake blood smeared all over their faces, but somehow they made it work. It was creepy, and beautiful, and really amazing. We all loved it!

I already feel like this Halloween has been one of the most Halloweenie I've ever had. Here are some of the festivities that have been filling my time & calendar this month!

- Learned the "Thriller" dance choreography
- Watched like 20 episodes of "Ghost Hunters"
- We're reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula" for book club
- I went to the Zombies VS Vampires derby bout
- Pumpkin Carving
- Dracula Ballet
- Zombie Crawl
- 3 Halloween costume parties coming up this weekend....

I'm so excited! And Thanksgiving is coming up in a month, which is one of my most favorite holidays too. I just love this time of year!


Kendra said...

uhh... can i come spend the holidays with you?! look how much fun you are having!

also, the dracula ballet production sounds (and looks) pretty dang awesome. wow.

Beth B said...

Haha! Heck yeah, you can! :D
Dracula was really amazing, and I'd highly recommend it. I forgot to mention that they did a whole dance number with Dracula and Johnathan Harker (both men), and it was so beautiful, and something you don't see very often!