Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A coupla ways I'm savin' some green...

Just since we're in this whole economic crisis right now, I thought I'd share some little things I've been doing to try & save all my moolah from disappearing as quickly as Paris Hilton's fashion sense.
Hopefully it'll help you out with your money saving too!

- Instead of getting a usual soy-latte at the coffee-shop, I've discovered the Misto (which is brewed coffee with steamed milk instead of an espresso shot with steamed milk). It costs a little less, tastes pretty darn good, and will save you a little caffeine too! Also, most places will give you a 5 to 10 cent discount for bringing your own travel mug (so you're saving green while being green)!

- On a beautiful day (like today) I've been riding my bike to work instead of driving. Saves me oodles on gas, and is a great way to start the day.

- HAPPY HOURS! Good lord, they're a blessing. Instead of meeting for a late drink, try & meet friends earlier to scoop up the happy hour specials. Some places do late-nite happy hours too, so always ask what the specials are!

- Brown Rice. Weird one, I know -- but it's a great way to bulk up a meal in a healthy & cheap way. Top with veggies & tofu for an asian dish, or black beans & cheese for a Mexi-meal -- the possibilities are endless!

- Potlucks / Picnics. Bring a dish to share over to someone's house instead of going out for dinner. When the weather is right, meet at a park to enjoy the sunshine and a meal with friends instead of spending the money on tips.

- Bring your own bag! Not only is Whole Foods offering 10 cents off your grocery purchase for every bag you bring, but King Soopers & other grocery stores have started to do the same! So don't be afraid to whip out that bag, even if it's only a Totino's Pizza and a tube of lipgloss.

- Cut back on nail salon visits, and do your touch-ups at home.

- Go to Aveda "Pure Talent" salons for a wash, cut, and style for only $11 your first visit! Everytime after that it's only $16, and they slather your noggin' with the best-smelling products available. These cuts are done by people just about to graduate from the salon program, so they won't screw up your 'do. Hey, it's better then Great Clips.